The world of The Imager Portfolio is vast and complex.


World: Terahnar
Continents: Solidar


There are ten months, each thirty-five days long, and five two-month seasons. The week is seven days long and based on the French equivalents.[1]

An hour is termed a "glass", and roughly 100 minutes of our time.[1] Each day has twenty glasses, with the tenth glass of the day being noon, and the tenth glass of night being midnight.[2] A quint is a fifth of a glass.[1]

Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Harvest, and Fall.
Months: Ianus, Fevier, Maris, Avryl, Mayas, Juyn, Agostas, Erntyn, Feuillyt, and Finitas
Days: Lundi, Mardi, Meredi, Jeudi, Vendrei, Samedi, Solayi.


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