Vaelora Chayardyr
Female silhouette
Universe Imager Portfolio
Sex F
Spouse Quaeryt Rytersyn

Vaelora Chayardyr was a major character of the Quaeryt series. She was the youngest sister of Lord Bhayar of Telaryn, and the daughter of the previous ruler, Chayar. Vaelora Chayardyr had an older sister, Chaerila, who died in childbirth.[1] There must have been at least one other sister: Lady Buhlyn once remarked: I saw you and your sisters ride through Extela years ago.[2]

Normally, she was called using her first name, e.g. "Mistress Vaelora", but her full name was used on correspondence.[3]

After being attracted by the Scholar Quaeryt Rytersyn by his manner and intellect, she maintained an intellectually stimulating and often politically useful correspondence with him while he was dealing with the challenges in Tilbor. Because of this attraction, and the need to have a stronger bind on surprisingly effective scholar, Chayar commanded Qaueryt to wed Vaelora, to the surprise and delight of both parties.[4] She was ten years younger than her husband, being nineteen[5] when Quaeryt was twenty-nine.[6]

She was a good friend of Aelina, Bhayar's wife, and missed her when she was away from Solis.[7] Before marriage, she was usually accompanied by an older cousin, Nerya, who served as a duenna.

Description Edit

Vaelora Chayardyr was described as not quite gangly.[8] She had light brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and light honey-clear skin.[4]

Her appearance was party due to a Pharsi grandmother, as was her temper. She inherited the gift of rare flashes of foresight from the grandmother. There is some evidence that her great-great-grandmother was an Imager: apparently she always slept in a separate room.[9]

Biography Edit

Vaelora was born in 10 AQ; and married Quaeryt in 29 AQ.

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