Type Country
Within Lydar
Capital Tilbora
Universe Imager Portfolio

Tilbor was a country on the continent Lydar, and later a province in Telaryn. Its capital was the city Tilbora. The inhabitants of the country were called Tilborans.[1]

History Edit

Lord Bhayar's father, Chayar, conquered Tilbor in 19 AQ.[2] Until that time, Tilbor was ruled by Khanars.

Most of the land and much of the wealth and power was held by major landowners, called High Holders. At some point, a Charter was signed that provided the basis of the power of High Holders.[3] hundreds of years back, there weren’t any High Holders and hill holders. There were only holders. The Khanar offered special privileges to those holders who recognized and supported him, and who limited the number of men-at-arms. He also pledged to defend them against any other holder who attacked them. He called them High Holders. The hill holders and some of the others refused to reduce the size of their forces. They claimed the Khanar couldn’t protect them.[4]

The old Khanars maintained a guard strong enough to defeat any two or three High Holders, but it was not large enough to deal with even a handful of them at once. So the Khanars tended not to upset the High Holders.[5]

A number of landowners in the forested north of the country never quite acknowledged the authority of the Khanars. These hill or timber holders did not have the title "High Holders", but had the land and power of such in all but name. They’ve avoided authority as much as they could from before the time of the Khanars.[6]

As in most of Lydar, bladed weapons were forbidden except for ruling elites and their armsmen, which probably caused the development of Sansang, a non-bladed martial art used in resistance to the Khanars and High Holders of Tilbor.[7]Nidar the Great was the last of the truly strong Khanars. He rebuilt the harbor in Tilbora and restructured old clan levies into the Khanar's Guard and the militia. Nidar also repelled Hengyst's attempt to conquer Tilbor. Nidar's sone was Khanar Ciendar.[8] His great-grandson was Khanar Eleonyd.[9]

Eleonyd was the last sovereign ruler of Tilbor. He was not the strongest of Khanars, and he had no sons, just a daughter Tyrena.[2]

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