Outcasts of Order
Universe Saga of Recluce
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L. E. Modesitt, Jr. has completed the final manuscript for Outcasts of Order in May 2017.

Author's Description:[1]

Outcasts is a sequel to The Mongrel Mage, which will be out this coming October. Both books feature Beltur, a young adult raised by his uncle, a white mage in Fenard, but matters get very chancy for the two of them when the Prefect of Gallos and his power-seeking white Arms-Mage decide to require all mages in Gallos to swear absolute political allegiance to the Prefect and the Arms-Mage. At the time of this decision, the Prefect sends Beltur’s uncle, and Beltur, on an expedition to deal with grassland nomads who are purportedly stealing women. From there, needless to say, matters get much worse, very much worse.

References Edit

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