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File:Alector's Choice.jpgFile:Alucius (from cover of Scepters, Tor 2005 PB).jpgFile:Antiagon Fire.jpg
File:Antiagon Fire (cover 500).jpgFile:Arms-Commander.jpgFile:Arms-Commander (cover Tor 2010-01-05).jpg
File:Arms Commander (cover Tor 2011).jpgFile:Astralis by Jared Blando.jpgFile:Book copyright icon.png
File:Cadmian's Choice.jpgFile:Candar Recluce (color1250).jpgFile:Colors of Chaos.jpg
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File:Generic Cover.pngFile:Hamor (Mage Guard of Hamor, Tor 2008).jpgFile:Il Talento di Alucius (cover).jpg
File:Imager's Battalion.jpgFile:Imager's Battalion (cover Tor 2012).jpgFile:Imager's Challenge.jpg
File:Imager's Challenge by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.File:Imager's Intrigue.jpgFile:Imager's Intrigue (Tor 2010).jpg
File:Imager.jpgFile:Imager (cover).jpgFile:L'Excelsis (Imager's Intrigue 2010).jpg
File:L.E. Modesitt, Jr.jpgFile:Lady-Protector.jpgFile:Laerlingstid.jpg
File:Le Magia de Recluce (cover).jpgFile:Le monde de Recluce 1 Le banni de Recluce (Pocket 8-2007).jpgFile:Le monde de Recluce t.1 Le banni de (MNEMOS 6-2004).jpg
File:Legacies.jpgFile:Liedwahr (map).jpgFile:Lydar (Scholar).jpg
File:Lydar 3 copy.svgFile:Madness in Solidar.jpgFile:Madness in Solidar (cover Tantor Audio 2015).jpg
File:Mage-Guard of Hamor.jpgFile:Magi'i of Cyador.jpgFile:Male silhouette.png
File:Martel.jpgFile:Modesitt visits ABC Amsterdam.jpgFile:Natural Ordermage.jpg
File:Natural Ordermage (cover).jpgFile:Ordermaster.jpgFile:Portal (Corean).png
File:Portal (Ecolitan).pngFile:Portal (Forever Hero).pngFile:Portal (Ghosts).png
File:Portal (Imager).pngFile:Portal (Recluce).pngFile:Portal (Solo).png
File:Portal (Spellsong).pngFile:Portal (Timegods).pngFile:Princeps.jpg
File:Princeps (Tantor Audio 2012).jpgFile:Princeps (Tor 2012 final).jpgFile:Princeps (cover).jpg
File:Quaeryt.pngFile:Quaeryt (from Princeps Tor 2012).jpgFile:Recluce Tails (front cover 2017).jpg
File:Rex Regis.jpgFile:Rex Regis (Tor 2014 cover).jpgFile:Rhennthyl.png
File:Rhennthyl (from Imager's Intrigue Tor 2010).jpgFile:Saga of Recluce World Map.jpgFile:Scepters.jpg
File:Scepters (Tor 2004 HC).jpgFile:Scepters (Tor 2005 PB).jpgFile:Scettri (cover).jpg
File:Scholar.jpgFile:Scholar (cover).jpgFile:Scholar and Princeps.png
File:Scion of Cyador.jpgFile:Shadowsinger.jpgFile:Slider (Corus Map).jpg
File:Slider (Solar Express).pngFile:Slider (Treachery's Tools).pngFile:Soarer's Choice.jpg
File:Solar Express.jpgFile:Tenebre (cover).jpgFile:The Chaos Balance.jpg
File:The Corean Chronicles (Alucius).jpgFile:The Corean Chronicles (Dainyl and Mykel).jpgFile:The Corean Chronicles (Mykella).jpg
File:The Death of Chaos.jpgFile:The Imager Portfolio (Rhennthyl).pngFile:The Lord-Protector's Daughter.jpg
File:The Magic Engineer.jpgFile:The Magic of Recluce.jpgFile:The Magic of Recluce (Anniversary Edition).jpg
File:The Magic of Recluce (Subterranean Press).jpgFile:The Magic of Recluce (cover Tor 1992).JPGFile:The Magic of Recluce (cover Tor 2011).jpg
File:The Order War.jpgFile:The Shadow Sorceress.jpgFile:The Soprano Sorceress.jpg
File:The Spellsong Cycle (Anna).jpgFile:The Spellsong Cycle (Secca).jpgFile:The Spellsong War.jpg
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File:Viewpoints Critical.jpgFile:Wellspring of Chaos.jpgFile:Wendra (from cover of Scepters, Tor 2005 PB).jpg

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