L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
L.E. Modesitt, Jr
Biographical Information
Full Name Leland Exton Modesitt, Jr.
Date of Birth October 19, 1943
Birthplace Denver, Colorado
Current Residence Cedar City, Utah
Occupation(s) Writer
“I have a solid idea, usually in my mind, of the overall story arc... and where I’m going, but not necessarily all the details of how I’ll get there.”
L.E. Modesitt, Jr. is an American author of fantasy and science fiction. To date, he has written over sixty novels and short stories, and is best known for his fantasy series The Saga of Recluce, The Corean Chronicles and The Imager Portfolio.[1]


L. E. Modesitt, Jr., was born in 1943 in Denver, Colorado. Although he spent most of his childhood and young adult years in the Denver area, avidly reading fantasy and science fiction, he never attended any science fiction conventions—in Denver or elsewhere, but he does remember reading Vance Aandahl's stories in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction with considerable envy, since he and Vance were near contemporaries. Mr. Modesitt graduated from Williams College under the delusion that poetry was considered respectable and that fantasy and science fiction were not, a mistake he now attributes to youthful enthusiasm.

He has been a delivery boy; a lifeguard; an unpaid radio disc jockey; a U.S. Navy pilot; a market research analyst; a real estate agent; director of research for a political campaign; legislative assistant and staff director for a U.S. Congressman; Director ofLegislation and Congressional Relations for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; a consultant on environmental, regulatory, and communications issues; and a college lecturer and writer in residence. In addition to his novels, Mr. Modesitt has published technical studies and articles (generally with boring titles), columns, poetry, and a number of science fiction stories.

Shortly after his tours as a Navy amphious officer and than as a pilot, he returned to Denver as a market research analyst and economist, which generated the idea for his first story—"The Great American Economy"—published in Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact in 1973. He remained oblivious to the existence of fandom and conventions, and pursued a career in another type of fantasy by becoming legislative assistant for Congressman Bill Armstrong in Washington, D.C. During his years in Washington, he attempted to regain some hold on reality by writing increasingly more science fiction. Not totally by coincidence, his first novel was published while he was serving as head of Legislation and Congressional Relations at the U.S. EPA during the Reagan-Burford scandals. There he was responsible for responding to Congressional investigations and hearings and accepting midnight telephone calls from various individuals terming themselves journalists. This experience led to the writing of The Green Progression, a book termed more fantastic than any of his fantasy novels. Such public and critical reaction confirmed his fundamental belief in the reality of science fiction and fantasy.

After departing EPA and while working as a regulatory consultant, his editor enlightened him as to the importance and role of fans and conventions and shanghaied him to his first convention at the age of 42. Shortly thereafter, his writing increased, and his consulting decreased, and he has been attending and participating in conventions ever since.

Along the way, Mr. Modesitt has weathered eight children, a fondness for three-piece suits (which has deteriorated into a love of vests), a brown labrador, a white cockapoo, an energetic Shihtzu, a Siamese rabbit, and various assorted pet rodents. Finally, in 1989, to escape nearly twenty years of occupational captivity in Washington, D.C., he moved to New Hampshire. There he married a lyric soprano, and he and his wife Carol moved to Cedar City, Utah, in 1993, where she directs the opera program at Southern Utah University and he continues to create and manage chaos.

Although he is possibly best known for his "Recluce" fantasy saga, with over a million books in print, he continues to write science fiction as well, and has been known to twist the arms of booksellers (most tactfully and gently) to encourage them to backlist his titles other than fantasy.[2]


Publication OrderEdit

Year Title Type Publisher
1973 The Great American Economy* Short Story Analog
1974 A House By Any Other Name Short Story Analog
1977 Came the Revolution Short Story Galaxy Science Fiction
1978 Reaction Time Short Story Analog
1978 Viewpoint Critical Short Story Analog
1979 Second Coming* Short Story Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine
1979 Iron Man, Plastic Ships* Short Story Asimov's Science Fiction
1981 Rule of Law* Short Story Analog
1982 The Fires of Paratime** Novel Pocket Books
1985 The Hammer of Darkness*** Novel Avon Books
1986 The Ecologic Envoy**** Novel Tor Books
1987 Dawn For a Distant Earth***** Novel Tor Books
1987 The Silent Warrior***** Novel Tor Books
1988 In Endless Twilight***** Novel Tor Books
1989 The Ecolitan Operation****** Novel Tor Books
1990 The Ecologic Secession****** Novel Tor Books
1990 Power To...?* Short Story Analog
1991 The Magic of Recluce******* Novel Tor Books
1992 The Green Progression Novel Tor Books
1992 Timediver's Dawn******** Novel Tor Books
1992 The Towers of the Sunset Novel Tor Books
1993 The Timegod******** Novel Tor Books
1994 The Magic Engineer Novel Tor Books
1994 Of Tangible Ghosts********* Novel Tor Books
1995 The Order War Novel Tor Books
1995 The Death of Chaos Novel Tor Books
1996 The Parafaith War Novel Tor Books
1996 Fall of Angels Novel Tor Books
1996 Adiamante Novel Tor Books
1997 The Soprano Sorceress Novel Tor Books
1997 The Ecolitan Enigma**** Novel Tor Books
1997 The Chaos Balance Novel Tor Books
1998 The Spellsong War Novel Tor Books
1998 The White Order Novel Tor Books
1998 The Ghost of the Revelator********* Novel Tor Books
1999 Colors of Chaos Novel Tor Books
1999 Gravity Dreams Novel Tor Books
1999 Darksong Rising Novel Tor Books
2000 Understanding* Short Story On Spec
2000 Magi'i of Cyador Novel Tor Books
2000 Scion of Cyador Novel Tor Books
2001 The Swan Pilot* Short Story Tor Books
2001 The Octagonal Raven Novel Tor Books
2001 Precision Set* Short Story On Spec
2001 The Shadow Sorceress Novel Tor Books
2001 Ghost of the White Nights Novel Tor Books
2002 Shadowsinger Novel Tor Books
2002 The Pilots* Short Story Cumberland House
2002 Legacies Novel Tor Books
2003 Darknesses Novel Tor Books
2003 The Dock to Heaven Short Story Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.
2003 The Ethos Effect Novel Tor Books
2004 Wellspring of Chaos Novel Tor Books
2004 Fallen Angel* Short Story Roc Books
2004 Scepters Novel Tor Books
2004 Flash Novel Tor Books
2005 Ordermaster Novel Tor Books
2005 Alector's Choice Novel Tor Books
2005 The Eternity Artifact Novel Tor Books
2005 News Clips Recovered from the NYC Ruins* Short Story The Leading Edge
2006 Cadmian's Choice Novel Tor Books
2006 Ghost Mission* Short Story DAW Books
2006 Sisters of Sarronnyn, Sisters of Westwind* Short Story Jim Baen's Universe
2006 Soarer's Choice Novel Tor Books
2007 The Elysium Commission Novel Tor Books
2007 Spec-Ops* Short Story Baen Books
2007 The Difference* Short Story DAW Books
2007 Natural Ordermage Novel Tor Books
2008 Always Outside the Lines: Four Battles* Short Story Tor Books
2008 Beyond the Obvious Wind* Short Story Tor Books
2008 Black Ordermage* Short Story Tor Books
2008 Mage-Guard of Hamor Novel Tor Books
2008 The Lord-Protector's Daughter Novel Tor Books
2009 Imager Novel Tor Books
2009 Life-Suspension Short Story Prime Books
2009 Haze Novel Tor Books
2009 Imager's Challenge Novel Tor Books
2010 Arms-Commander Novel Tor Books
2010 Imager's Intrigue Novel Tor Books
2010 Empress of Eternity Novel Tor Books
2010 The Stranger Short Story Subterranean Press
2011 Lady-Protector Novel Tor Books
2011 Scholar Novel Tor Books
2012 The Bronze Man of Mars Short Story Simon and Schuster, Inc.
2012 New World Blues Short Story Tor Books
2012 Princeps Novel Tor Books
2013 Imager's Battalion Novel Tor Books
2013 A More Perfect Union Short Story Tor Books

* Short stories which were later included or first appeared in the Viewpoints Critical anthology published by Tor Books in 2008.
** Later re-released with additional content and revisions as The Timegod.
*** Reprinted under Tor Books in 1996, 2006 and 2011.
**** Reprinted in an omnibus book published by Tor Books titled Ecolitan Prime in 2003.
***** Reprinted in an omnibus book published by Tor Books titled The Forever Hero in 1999.
****** Reprinted in an omnibus book published by Tor Books titled Empire and Ecolitan in 2001.
******* Reprinted in 2011 by both Tor Books and Subterranean Press as a 20th anniversary special.
******** Reprinted in an omnibus book published by Tor Books titled Timegod's World in 2000.
********* Reprinted in an omnibus book published by Tor Books titled Ghosts of Columbia in 2005.



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