The world of the Imager Portfolio fictional universe is Terahnar. It contains several continents.

Lydar or Solidar Edit


scan from the hardcover edition of Scholar

The continent of Lydar, called Solidar in the chronologically later "Imager" trilogy.

L'Excelsis Edit

Otelyrn Edit

The continent or island of Otelyrn included several countries.

Tiempre Edit

Gyarl Edit

Gyarl—a comparatively small land, landlocked and sandwiched between Caenen and Tiempre with about half the people of Caenenan background and half of Tiempran.[1]

Stakanar Edit

Caenen Edit

Cloisera Edit

The continent (or large island) of Cloisera included two countries.

Ferrum Edit

Jariola Edit

Abierto Isles Edit

References Edit

  1. Imager's Challenge, Chapter 9

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