Type Country
Within Candar
Capital Cyad
Universe Saga of Recluce

Cyador was a country on the continent of Candar in the Saga of Recluce fictional universe.

The country was found by the Firstborn,[1] a group from space-traveling civilization (Rational Stars) who through accident crossed from their universe to the one of the Saga of Recluce.

Timeline Edit

They used dates such as A.F.[2] (After the Fall?)

It was presumably founded around 1 A.F.

When Lorn was a student of White Magic, at one point his instructor Bram'elth refers to founding of Cyad nearly two hundred years ago.[3]

The events of Scion of Cyador occur around 205 A.F., based on reports that Lorn reviews.[4]

Cyador was destroyed by Nylan and Ayrlyn.[5] That took place about 400 years after Lorn's novels, making it around 600 A.F.[6]

After the Fall of Cyadoran Empire Edit

The Cyadoran dates were used after the fall of Cyador.

Hamor used Cyadoran dates: the Manual of the Mage-Guards was published in 1551 A.F.[7]

The cooper Kharl left Brysta around 1902 A.F., indicating its use in Nordla.[8]

It's worthy of note that even at that late date, about 1300 years after the fall of Cyador, the legal system, Code of Cyad was still in use in Nordla, Austra, Lydiar and Delapra.[9]

Government and Armed Forces Edit

The head of state was the emperor, who ruled from the Palace of Light.

The premier combat service of Cyador was the Mirror Lancers. There was also the Palace Guard who guarded the Palace of Light, the Shining Foot, and the White Fleet.[10]

Later, the infantry was also called the Shining Foot.[11]

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