The following is a list of characters found in The Imager Portfolio series. Due to The Imager Portfolio spanning two different arcs involving different eras and different characters, the list of characters will be separated into their respective arcs to avoid confusion.

Imager, Imager's Challenge and Imager's IntrigueEdit

Civic PatrolEdit

  • Artois: Commander of Patrollers
  • Cydarth: Subcommander of Patrollers
  • Harraf: Captain, Third District
  • Warydt: Lieutenant, Third District
  • Mardoyt: Lieutenant, Headquarters

High HoldersEdit


  • Poincaryt: Maitre D'Esprit (Head of Collegium)
  • Dichartyn: Maitre D'Esprit (Head of Collegium Security)
  • Dhelyn: Maitre D'Structure (Head of Westisle Collegium)
  • Dyana: Maitre D'Structure
  • Jhulian: Maitre D'Structure (Justice)
  • Rholyn: Maitre D'Structure (Advocate/Councilor from the Collegium)
  • Schorzat: Maitre D'Structure (Head of Field Operations)
  • Ferlyn: Maitre D'Aspect
  • Chassendri: Maitre D'Aspect
  • Ghaend: Maitre D'Aspect
  • Draffyd: Maitre D'Aspect (Doctor)
  • Heisbyl: Maitre D'Aspect
  • Quaelyn: Maitre D'Aspect (Master of Patterns)
  • Rhennthyl: Maitre D'Aspect (Collegium Liaison to Civic Patrol)
  • Isola: Imager Tertius (Chorister)

Executive Council of SolidarEdit


Alphabetic list Edit

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