Assassin's Price
Assasin't Price cover (TOR 2017 hardcover)
Author L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
Cover Artist N/A
Publisher Tor Books
Publication Date N/A
ISBN 978-076539047-9
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Assassin's Price is the eleventh book of The Imager Portfolio.

Synopsis Edit

From Macmillan's web page:[1]

Six years have passed since the failed uprising of the High Holders, and the man behind the conspiracy is where the rex and Maitre Alastar can keep an eye on him.

Charyn has come of age and desperately wants to learn more so he can become an effective rex after his father—but he’s kept at a distance by the rex. So Charyn sets out to educate himself—circumspectly.

When Jarolian privateers disrupt Solidar’s shipping, someone attempts to kill Charyn’s younger brother as an act of protest. Threatening notes following in the wake of acts of violence against the rex and his family, demanding action—build more ships or expect someone to die.

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References Edit

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